What Apple said yesterday, in a Nutshell

Yesterday, 10 Sept 2013, Apple announced new iPhones.

Here in a nutshell is what they said:

1. You want bright colors to make a fashion statement, you want a great camera? Then you don’t need Lumia, because we have new colorful iPhone 5c as well as a new iPhone 5s with new camera hardware and software with improved bigger sensor with bigger pixels and a faster f2.2 lens.

Nokia has responded with 5 things Apple did not include that Lumia does. We will probably see more responses.

2. You care about health, well we have new hardware and API in the iPhone 5s that means soon there will be a zillion great health apps. This is a new job to be done that the iPhone can do, conveniently and easily. No need for watch or accessory right now, the phone will do.

3. You want usability, no need to type a password, want to prevent Junior from racking up thousands of iTunes store charges? Use the new iPhone 5s fingerprint reader which works to both unlock the phone and confirm store purchases.

Oh yes, All the info is kept private to the chip, so don’t be afraid to use this.

4. We upped the performance in the iPhone 5s yet again with the A7 and 64 bit, enabling all the new iOS 7 graphics, games and making everything perform.

5. Both will be available in many countries and operators in the next two weeks including China – unlike others, this is something you can find and buy.

6. We didn’t go cheap on either. Nor are either inexpensive unlocked. And no, we didn’t increase the screen size.

That is it in a nutshell.